FEES:  (note, fees for sales transactions vary, and are noted at the bottom of the fees list)

PanHandle of West Virginia:  Special fees  are being offered for closings in the Counties of Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan in West Virginia.  Settlement $385.00; courier/wire fee of $75;  plus state fees for recording, stamps, property taxes, and title insurance as applicable.   If notary services are needed outside of the panhandle, additional travel fees will apply.West Virginia (all counties served):  Standard fees (with the exception of the panhandle, see above) are $385 settlement; $325 processing/ abstract/attorney fee; $75 wire/courier; plus state fees for recording, stamps, property taxes, and title insurance as applicable.North Carolina (all counties served):  Standard fees are $550 for NC ReFi and $650 for NC Sales and Reverses;  plus state fees for recording, stamps, property taxes, and title insurance as applicable.Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia (all counties served):  Standard fees are $325 settlement; $175 document processing; $175 title exam; $75 wire/courier; plus state fees for recording, stamps, property taxes, and title insurance as applicable; $50 dollar recording fee for recording or e-recording the Deed of Trust.Pennsylvania (all counties served):  PA’s title insurance is considered all inclusive.  Thus, the only fee we charge besides title insurance is a notary fee/travel fee of $240; plus state fees for recording, stamps, property taxes, as applicable.All other States: (all counties served):  please email ellen@southmountaintitle.com for information.

Additional Fees may apply for document processing, researching liens or judgments, for notary services if outside the county of the subject property, out of state closings, and for overnight fees if expediated document return or mail away closings are requested.

NOTE:  SMG requires documents and HUD approval 4 hours ahead of the scheduled refinance closing time.


On sales, there are additional fees included, on the sellers side:   closing costs include recording/walk through of the deed after closing in VA and NC.

Sellers closings costs are between $125-175 depending on the services the seller requires (such as out of state seller, wire of proceeds, wire of payoffs, etc.).

Please be aware that SMG will not co-ordinate services in sales transactions, and will not pay out of pocket fees for HOA transfers, surveys, pest or home inspections, or warranties.  These items must be co-ordinated by the realtor, buyer or seller and invoiced to the realtor, buyer or seller and  the invoice submitted to SMG to be collected at closing via the HUD settlement statement.  Items requiring up front payment must be paid by the realtors, buyers or sellers, and may then be shown as a POC (paid outside of closing) on the HUD.

SMG will obtain payoffs for mortgages of record, open HOA invoices and other such items to be paid or invoiced and paid on the HUD at closing, which must besubmitted by the parties to be collected or shown as a POC on the HUD at least 72 hours ahead of the scheduled settlement date.

SMG’s sales settlements will be conducted at the location and time selected by the buyers agent and buyer, and  is agreed upon by the sellers agent and sellers.  However if the seller can not attend the settlement arrangements can be made to email or priority mail  documents and wire or priority mail proceeds.  Please contact us for details.

SMG requires documents and HUD approval 24 hours prior to a sales closing.

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